Information on Affiliates that ADBO Recommends

ADBO® Consulting provides the following information on affiliates programs that we recommend.

These affiliates help you save and/or earn money with your web site.

IX Web Hosting - affordable, reliable, robust IX Web Hostins

IX Web Hosting - a robust hosting ISP that has everything at affordable prices. They are far and above better than other ISP's that ADBO has either tried or investigated, including "Domain Name Registration" based company hosting programs.

Webring for free targeted visitors to your site.

Webring   Webring is an easy way to get targeted people with an interest in your site content to visit as well as a simple way to find sites you are interested in by topic. Some of these sights might be just what you are looking for but they may not appear in the search engines. There is no cost for the level one membership.


Other Affiliates

These programs are a way of offering your gusts and customers additional information and products without having to manage and inventory the products yourself.

Amazon.com has several options (USA, Canada, and UK) - Amazon.com offers everything from soup to nuts, including books, electronics and much more. The Canada and US affiliates are for people in those regions and/or counties. Find out how you can have a free bookstore or other store that sells Amazon products so you can make passibe income.

In Association with Amazon.com


In Association with Amazon.ca



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