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ADBO ® Consulting suggests these sites as possible sources of additional information, cool sites, and other sites of interest. We make no guarantees or warranties that these sites are accurate or even still available. There is no affiliation between these sites and ADBO Consulting.

Other Web Related links:

IX Web Hosting - affordable, full service web hosting with live Chat technical help 24X7

HTML Goodies - everything you need to know to get started writing HTML code

A Dictionary of HTML META Tags - META tags are essential for being visible to search engines

The Site Wizard - this site has lots of information on web technology and a free newsletter

IFCC - to report fraud on the Internet

Dynamic Drive - Need a favicon for your web site. This one works great


Links to Interesting Places:

BL Internet Marketing - how to Market on the Internet as well as have a successful home based business using MLMs.

Dancing Bear Way - a spiritual and metaphysical site with information on meditation and related topics

Dancing Bear Healing Center - holistic healing including Sound Healing(Acutonics), Color Healing (Colorpuncture), Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture (Oriental Medicine), Hypnotherapy, Handwriting Analysis, and much more.

Dancing Bear Amazon Book Store - visit this store for al your needs. It is hosted by Amazon.com and has filters for inappropriate things for children.

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