Services We Offer

ADBO Consulting offers a variety of Web based services to our clients. Please contact us for prices and further information. We have both fixed price opportunities and by the hour projects - which ever better suits you budget and plans.

Web Site Design

Having a professional web site that is easy to maintain is important in this Internet based and fast changing Marketing environment. At ADBO consulting we will work with each client to create a unique site that is both professional and easy to maintain. We design and develop our sites using Dreamweaver® with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This makes the development fast. It also enables us to provide fast maintenance and even to do a complete redesign of the site with just a few changes to the templates. A site can be completely redesigned (color palate, text design, etc) very quickly making future changes quick, easy, and affordable.

Web Site Maintenance

Once you have your web site designed, maintaining future changes to the site can either be done by us or by the client. The content will be in fixed areas of each page so making changes will be easy to do.

Consulting Services

Want to build your own web site with available technology? For an hourly fee we will guide you through the process of what you need to do to get up and running as well as marketed effectively.


Contact us for more information by using our contact page.

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